Wednesday, 18 September


[Hotel La Fonte]


Pre-meeting Symposium    INRCA

The Senescent Synapse
[Auditorium Selinunte, Hotel La Fonte]

Fiorenzo Conti (Ancona, Italy)


Javier DeFelipe (Madrid, Spain)

The pyramidal neuron in cognition: aging and Alzheimer's disease

Alexej Verkhratsky (Manchester, UK)

Astroglia function in ageing and Alzheimer’s disease

Thomas C Foster (Gainesville, FL, USA)

Altered synaptic plasticity during aging: Role of redox state in Ca2+ dysregulation

Gemma Casadesus (Cleveland, OH, USA)

Targeting age-related metabolic dysregulation to prevent AD


Opening Cerimony
[Auditorium Selinunte, Hotel La Fonte]

Carlo Reggiani (President, SIF)

Fiorenzo Conti (President of the Organising Committee)


Plenary Lecture
[Auditorium Selinunte, Hotel La Fonte]

Dario DiFrancesco (Milan)

How to make a heart beat: generation and control of cardiac rhythm


Welcome Cocktail
[Hotel La Fonte]


Thursday, 19 September


[Hotel La Fonte]


Parallel Oral Communications

Neurobiology and Neurophysiology
[Auditorium Selinunte, Hotel La Fonte]

Chairs: Leonardo Chelazzi (Verona), Luciano Domenici (Pisa)

Roberto Maggi (Milan)

Development of neuroendocrine lineages by differentiation of a stable cell line of mouse fetal hypothalamic neural stem cells (AC1)

Gian Carlo Demontis (Pisa)

Functional characterization of immature precursors of mouse rod photoreceptors

Franca Codazzi (Milan)

Mechanisms of iron uptake in astrocytes under physiological and pathological conditions

Cristina Limatola (Rome)

KCa3.1 channels are involved in the infiltrative behavior of glioblastoma in vivo

Rossella Breveglieri (Bologna)

Cells modulated by reaching preparation in area V6A of the monkey posterior parietal cortex

Monica Maranesi (Parma)

Space-dependent representation of objects and other’s actions in monkey ventral premotor grasping neurons

Metabolism, Nutrition and System Physiology
[Sala dei Marescialli, Fortino Napoleonico]

Chairs: Giorgio Fano'-Illic (Chieti), Rosa Serio (Palermo)

Fabio Francini (Florence)

Effects of obestatin on smooth muscle from different gastric regions of the mouse

Elena Grossini (Novara)

In anesthetized pigs human chorionic gonadotropin increases myocardial perfusion and function through a β-adrenergic related pathway and nitric oxide

Livio Luzi (Milan)

Role of L-carnitine on skeletal muscle differentiation induction and progression

Andrea Moriondo (Varese)

Role of diaphragmatic skeletal muscles in local lymphatic flux

Enzo Spisni (Bologna)

Dietary Geraniol modulates systemic inflammation and dysbiosis in dextran sodium sulphate-treated mice

Ileana Terruzzi (Milan)

DNA demethylation enhances myoblasts hypertrophy during the late phase of myogenesis activating the IGF-I pathway

SIF-ESCPBnew WORKSHOP on Comparative and Environmental Physiology
[Sala Chiesetta, Hotel La Fonte]

Welcome [15 min]

Carlo Reggiani (President, SIF) and
Elena Fabbri (President, ESCBPnew)

Chairs: Helmut Segner (Bern, Switzerland)
Elena Fabbri (Bologna)

Lecture 1

Luana Ricci Paulesu (Siena) [45 min]

In vitro effects of environmental endocrine active substances in human placenta

Oral Communications

Maria Marino (Rome) [15 min]

Anti-androgenic effects of environmental endocrine disruptors hinge on androgen receptor splice variants

Elena Grasselli (Genoa) [15 min]

Thyromimetic effects of Tetrabromobisphenol A (TBBPA) on lipid metabolism in steatotic FaO rat hepatoma cells

Anna Palumbo (Naples) [15 min]

Nitric oxide as mediator of stress response in marine organisms

Silvia Franzellitti (Ravenna) [15 min]

Serotoninergic signaling in Mytilus galloprovincialis haemocytes and its modulation by fluoxetine


Coffee break
[Hotel La Fonte and Fortino Napoleonico]


Parallel Symposia

Probing neuronal circuitry with non-invasive brain stimulation: new prospects for neurophysiological research
[Auditorium Selinunte, Hotel La Fonte]

Chair: Claudio Grassi (Rome)

Maria Vittoria Podda (Rome)

Modulation of hippocampal plasticity by direct current stimulation in mice: insights from in vitro and in vivo studies

Carlo Miniussi (Brescia)

Combining electroencephalography and non-invasive brain stimulation offers new prospects in neuroscience

Franca Deriu (Sassari)

Exploring physiological properties of the human facial motor cortex through non-invasive brain stimulation techniques

John Rothwell (London, UK)

New approaches to analyse the behavioural relevance of specific neural circuits in human motor cortex

Protein intake and metabolism in human aging
[Sala dei Marescialli, Fortino Napoleonico]

Chair: Antonio Colantuoni (Naples)

Alberto Battezzati (Milan)

Protein metabolism in aging

Jose Lara (Newcastle, UK)

Age-related changes in weight and body composition: implications for health and aging

Luca Scalfi (Naples)

Evaluation of handgrip strength in human aging

Antonio Colantuoni (Naples)

Protein intake in human aging

SIF-ESCPBnew WORKSHOP on Comparative and Environmental Physiology
[Sala Chiesetta, Hotel La Fonte]

Chairs: John Craft (Glasgow, UK)
Marcella Motta (Milan)

Lecture 2

John Craft (Glasgow, UK) [45 min]

Comparing the regulation of gametogenesis and spawning in bivalve molluscs

Oral Communications

Helmut Segner (Bern, Switzerland) [15 min]

The role of estrogens in fish immunity

Laura Canesi (Genoa) [15 min]

Physiological mechanisms of innate immunity in bivalve molluscs: a lesson from environmental stressors

Aldo Viarengo (Alessandria) [15 min]

Novel mussel haemolymph biomarkers: a system biology approach

Maria Giulia Lionetto (Lecce) [15 min]

Changes in granulocyte cell volume as novel general biomarker of pollutant exposure in invertebrates


[Hotel La Fonte]


Poster Session 1
[Hotel Fortino Napoleonico]

Topic 1: Neurobiology and Neurophysiology
Topic 2: Metabolism, Nutrition and System Physiology
Topic 3: Comparative and Environmental Physiology, Joint Workshop


Parallel Symposia

From molecules to movement: the impact of key muscle proteins on muscle function and dysfunction
[Auditorium Selinunte, Hotel La Fonte]

Chair: Francesca Grassi (Rome)

Roberto Bottinelli (Pavia)

The cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying skeletal muscle adaptations

Francesca Grassi (Rome)

Acetylcholine receptors and Ca2+ signals in maturing myotubes

Marco Linari (Florence)

Motor and cytoskeleton proteins of the sarcomere and associated myopathies

Corrado Poggesi (Florence)

Myopathies and cardiomyopathies associated to sarcomeric protein mutations

Membrane microdomains and physiological modulation of cellular excitability
[Sala dei Marescialli, Fortino Napoleonico]

Chair: Andrea Barbuti (Milan)

Ilaria Rivolta (Milan)

Caveolin-1 expression in lung cells: early sensor of transduction signalling

Andrea Barbuti (Milan)

An altered interaction of caveolin-3 with cardiac ion channels affects cell excitability

Cinzia Volonté (Rome)

Modulation of purinergic signalling at the plasma membrane: a multipurpose and multidirectional way to orchestrate physiopathological conditions in the nervous system

Elisabetta Gazzerro (Genoa)

Caveolinopathies: translational implications of caveolin-3 in skeletal muscle disorders

SIF-ESCPBnew WORKSHOP on Comparative and Environmental Physiology
[Sala Chiesetta, Hotel La Fonte]

Chairs: Roy Weber (Aahrus, Denmark)
Luana Ricci Paulesu (Siena)

Lecture 3

Roy Weber (Aarhus, Denmark) [45 min]

Hemoglobins: models of physiological adaptation, with special reference to O2 availability and temperature

Oral Communications

Mariano Beltramini (Padua) [15 min]

Entrapment of hemocyanin conformers as a tool for the definition of the structural model of cooperativity

Claudio Agnisola (Naples) [15 min]

Environmental stress and nitrogen excretion in freshwater teleosts

Vittore Verratti (Chieti-Pescara) [15 min]

The physiological urination mechanism at hypoxic altitudes

Filippo Garofalo (Arcavacata di Rende) [15 min]

Environmental challenges and organ morpho-functional remodeling: the African lungfish as a case study

Michele Maffia (Lecce) [15 min]

A protein cold adaptation strategy via a unique seven amino acid domain in the icefish (Chionodraco hamatus) PEPT1 transporter


Coffee break
[Hotel La Fonte and Fortino Napoleonico]


[Auditorium Selinunte, Hotel La Fonte]

SIF Prize

Daniela Puzzo (Catania)

Hippocampal synaptic plasticity and memory: physiological role of amyloid-beta peptide and its implication in Alzheimer’s Disease

Farmigea Prize

Paolo Medini (Genoa)

Microcircuits underlying multisensory interactions in the cerebral cortex: primary visual cortex and beyond

Friday, 20 September


Parallel Oral Communications

Cell Physiology
[Auditorium Selinunte, Hotel La Fonte]

Chairs: Fernando Goglia (Benevento), Maria Svelto (Bari)

Giulia Campostrini (Milan)

Isolating sinoatrial precursors from embryonic stem cells for the development of a biological pacemaker

Massimo Dal Monte (Pisa)

Functional involvement of β3-adrenergic receptors and nitric oxide in melanoma growth

Manuela De Bellis (Bari)

A novel human Aquaporin-4 splice variant exhibits a dominant-negative activity: a new mechanism to regulate water permeability

Antonella Naldini (Siena)

Adaptative cellular responses to hypoxia: role of HIF-1 dependent genes in endothelial cell autophagy and survival

Pasquale Pagliaro (Turin)

Post-conditioning with catestatin (CST-Post) protects the heart of spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR) from ischemia/reperfusion injury and triggers anti-apoptotic and pro-angiogenetic factors

Feliciano Protasi (Chieti)

Calsequestrin-1 in skeletal muscle: what we learned from knockout animals

Physiology of Motor Systems and Exercise
[Sala dei Marescialli, Fortino Napoleonico]

Chairs: Carlo Reggiani (Padua), Arsenio Veicsteinas (Milan)

Bert Blaauw (Padua)

The role of S6 kinase in the regulation of skeletal muscle mass and function

Paolo Bruseghini (Verona)

Effect of high-intensity-interval-training (HIT) on maximal aerobic power and ventilatory threshold in older adults

Paolo Cavallari (Milan)

The ischemic block of the forearm abolishes index-finger’s movements but not its associated APAs

Silvia Spadacenta (Rome)

Arm reaching movements modulate action-related verbs free recall: an embodied memory account

Bruno Grassi (Udine)

O2 cost of cycling, respiratory muscles training and exercise tolerance in obese adolescents

Vincenzo Lombardi (Florence)

Toward the realization of a sarcomere like machine: force spectroscopy of an ensemble of motors (HMM) from myosin II of frog skeletal muscle


Coffee break
[Hotel La Fonte and Fortino Napoleonico]


Parallel Symposia

Neural plasticity in health and disease: insights from animal models
[Auditorium Selinunte, Hotel La Fonte]

Chair: Nicola Origlia (Pisa)

Maria Spolidoro (Paris, France)

Cerebellar integration in cortical sensorimotor circuits as a substrate for motor coordination plasticity

Nicola Origlia (Pisa)

Entorhinal cortex as a model to study synaptic plasticity in neurodegeneration

Roberto Piacentini (Rome)

Determinants of impaired hippocampal plasticity in experimental models of neurodegenerative diseases

Alessandro Sale (Pisa)

Environmental therapy for plasticity enhancement in a Down Syndrome model

Update in respiratory translational medicine: from alveoli to the whole lung and from experimental model to humans
[Sala dei Marescialli, Fortino Napoleonico]

Chair: Giuseppe Miserocchi (Milan)

Enrico Mazzuca (Milan)

Interaction between alveolar elastic and surface forces studied by in vivo microscopy

Daniela Negrini (Varese)

Lung tissue matrix remodeling: correlation with pathophysiology of lung edema in normal and mechanically ventilated lung

Alice Panariti (Milan)

Lung tissue matrix remodeling: mechanisms of lung cellular response to the need for interstitial matrix remodeling

Caterina Salito (Milan)

Functional imaging for the assessment of regional ventilation in health and emphysema

Giuseppe Miserocchi (Milan) and
Alessandro Brunelli (Ancona)

Effects of hydrothorax and lobar resection on lung mechanics


[Hotel La Fonte]


Poster Session 2
[Hotel Fortino Napoleonico]

Topic 4: Cell Physiology
Topic 5: Physiology of Motor Systems and Exercise


Fabio Ruzzier Lecture
[Auditorium Selinunte, Hotel La Fonte]

Hans Hoppeler (Bern, Switzerland)

Malleability of skeletal muscle: performance, structure and mechanisms


Coffee break
[Hotel La Fonte and Fortino Napoleonico]


SIF General Assembly
[Auditorium Selinunte, Hotel La Fonte]

Election of the next SIF President


Social dinner • ediermes
[Hotel Fortino Napoleonico]

Saturday, 21 September


Council of Physiology Professors
[Auditorium Selinunte, Hotel La Fonte]


The poster's maximum size is A0 (841 x 1189 mm; width x height).

Correct format... poster should be PORTRAIT poster should NOT be LANDSCAPE Wrong format...

You are expected to have your poster up the latest by lunchtime of the day of your session. Posters should be taken down shortly after your session. Posters left behind will be removed and discarded by the venue personnel.


Thursday, 19 September

Neurobiology and Neurophysiology

P1.1 Anna Binda (Monza)
Study of the effects of nanoliposomes engineered for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease on the electrical activity of cortical neurons
P1.2 Stefania Bruni (Parma)
Coding of goal-directed actions in ventrolateral prefrontal and ventral premotor cortex
P1.3 Simona Capsoni (Pisa)
Beyond the cholinergic activity of NGF: rescue of  Alzheimer-like neurodegeneration by painless NGF acting on APP processing and glial cells
P1.4 Luca Carnevali (Parma)
Low vagally-mediated heart rate variability and increased susceptibility to ventricular arrhythmias in rats bred for high anxiety
P1.5 Elenia Cinelli (Florence)
Lisinopril, but not losartan microinjected into the caudal nucleus tractus solitarii potentiates the cough reflex in the rabbit
P1.6 Antonio Colantuoni (Naples)
Vaccinium Myrtillus anthocyanosides long-term intake and hamster pial microcirculation during ischemia-reperfusion injury
P1.7 Marianna Crispino (Naples)
Synaptosomal protein synthesis from rat brain: more than one system?
P1.8 Giulia Curia (Modena)
Resilience to audiogenic seizures is associated with p-ERK1/2 dephosphorylation in the subiculum of a mice model of Fragile X syndrome
P1.9 Maria Egle De Stefano (Rome)
Early axonal growth of hippocampal neurons is reduced and less sensitive to BDNF in dystrophic mdx mice compared to wild-type
P1.10 Simone Ferrari-Toniolo (Rome)
Neural activity associated to joint-action during social cooperation in frontal and parietal cortex of macaque monkeys
P1.11 Stefano Frausin (Trieste)
Neural stem cells-enriched tubulization improves anatomical and functional restoration of the severed rat sciatic nerve
P1.12 Luca Guglielmi (Perugia)
On the role of K+ channels in autism spectrum disorders
P1.13 Andrea Mazzatenta (Pisa)
The human olfactory threshold: new physiological insight on its senescence
P1.14 Andrea Minelli (Urbino)
Alpha-tocopherol reduces neuroinflammation in the rat brain after kainic acid-induced status epilepticus
P1.15 Odysseas Papazachariadis (Rome)
Local field potentials are influenced by cooperative joint-action in frontal and parietal cortex of macaque monkeys
P1.16 Rosalba Parenti (Catania)
Expression of Wilms' Tumor protein (WT1) in developing human peripheral sympathetic and gastroenteric nervous system
P1.17 Irene Persiconi (Rome)
Post-natal developmental alterations in the retina of dystrophic mdx mice
P1.18 Onofrio Petruzzelli (BARI)
Identification of anti-neuronal antibodies in the serum of patients with Tourette's syndrome 
P1.19 Francesco Pisani (Bari)
Identification of a point mutation impairing the binding between Aquaporin-4 and the Neuromyelitis Optica autoantibodies
P1.20 Daniela Puzzo (Catania)
F3/contactin promotes hippocampal neurogenesis, synaptic plasticity and memory in adult mice
P1.21 Margherita Riggi (Trieste)
Characterization of cognitive deficits in rats with selective cholinergic, noradrenergic and dopaminergic lesions
P1.22 Alessandro Romano (Lecce)
Novel domain architecture for sacsin protein using comparative analysis and functional mapping of human SACS mutations
P1.23 Eleonora Satta (Rome)
Development of motor cooperation through joint-action
P1.24 Andrea Sgoifo (Parma)
Vagal withdrawal and cardiac arrhythmia vulnerability in rats with high trait aggressiveness
P1.25 Andrea Valeri (Trieste)
Multiple effects of selective cholinergic lesions combined with local infusion of pre-aggregated amyloid peptide
P1.26 Tiziano Verri (Lecce)
Anti-aggregating effect of the naturally occurring dipeptide carnosine on Aβ1-42 fibril formation
P1.27 Federica Visco-Comandini (Rome)
A visuomotor disorder in absence of movement: optic ataxia generalizes to learned isometric hand action
P1.28 Serena Viventi (Trieste)
Progressive motoneuronal degeneration and motor dysfunction in sod1g93a mice: effects of implanted mesenchymal stem cells from human umbilical cord (HUMSCS)

Metabolism, Nutrition and System Physiology

P2.1 Alberto Battezzati (Milan)
Plasma Bisphenol-A concentration and body fat distribution: a pilot study in an urban area 
P2.2 Simona Bertoli (Milan)
Ketogenic diet: a model to evaluate the effect of high fat diet on regional adiposity and glucose metabolism in humans
P2.3 Massimo Bramucci (Camerino)
Antiproliferative and anti-inflammatory activities of the essential oil from fruits of Xylopia parviflora (A. Rich.) Benth. (Annonaceae) used in Cameroon as a culinary spice
P2.4 Gabriella Gallo (Genoa)
3,5-L-diiodothyronine (T2) modifies the fatty acid composition of lipid droplets in an in vitro model of hepatosteatosis
P2.5 Maria Elena Giordano (Lecce)
Antioxidant effect of a purified polyphenolic extract from grape skin on rat colon epithelium  
P2.6 Fernando Goglia (Benevento)
Metabolic adaptation induced by triiodotironine: a role for Uncoupling protein-3 (UCP3) 
P2.7 Lilla' Lionetti (Naples)
Physiological impact associated with chronic simultaneous exposure to high-fat diet and persistent organic pollutant p,p´-diphenyldichloroethene (DDE): effects on hepatic mitochondrial functions
P2.8 Herbert Ryan Marini (Messina)
Effects of genistein, a soy-derived isoflavone, on endothelial function in postmenopausal women with metabolic syndrome
P2.9 Lucia Martinoli (Rome)
Physical, chemical and morphological changes of bread polyphenol extract on cellular cultures monolayer CaCo-2
P2.10 Maria Mollica (Naples)
Metabolic responses to isoenergetic intake of cow, donkey or human milk in rats
P2.11 Marina Montagnani Marelli (Milan)
Role of ERbeta in human melanoma cells and its involvement in tocotrienols activity
P2.12 Espedita Muscariello (Naples)
Evaluation of cut-off scores for sarcopenia in a clinical obese population
P2.13 Graziella Santoro (Varese)
Selective modulation of intrinsic myogenic activity of peripheral diaphragmatic lymphatics by epinephrine
P2.14 Rosa Serio (Palermo)
Postnatal development of the 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) signaling system in the mouse duodenum
P2.15 Emanuela Viggiano (Naples)
Atypical antipsychotic  increases phospho-AMP-activated protein kinase in the hyphotalamus

Comparative and Environmental Physiology, Joint Workshop

P3.1 Maria Cerra (Arcavacata di Rende, CS)
AngII-dependent modulation of eel heart morpho-functional remodelling
P3.2 Caterina Ciacci (Urbino)
Effects of different environmental Vibrio strains on functional parameters of mussel hemocytes
P3.3 Elena Fabbri (Bologna)
Adrenergic receptors and signaling in yellow and silver European eel hepatocytes
P3.4 Alfonsina Gattuso (Arcavacata di Rende, CS)
Mechanims of hydrogen sulphide signalling in frog and rat hearts: Akt/eNOS phosphorilation and PLN S-Sulfhydration
P3.5 Laura Grumetti (Naples)
Nitrite effects on swimming performance in the convict cichlid, Amatitlania nigrofasciata
P3.6 Paola Irato (Padua)
Physiological responses to Cd exposure in Mytilus sp.
P3.7 Alessandro Rubini (Padua)
Effects of Hyperbaric Oxygen exposure (HBO) in patients before surgical pancreatoduodenectomy
P3.8 Gianfranco Santovito (Padua)
Peroxiredoxin 6 and antioxidant defences in Antarctic fish
P3.9 Francesca Trischitta (Messina)
Effect of Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate on RVD of digestive cells of Mytilus galloprovincialis
P3.10 Paola Valbonesi (Ravenna)
Acetylcholinesterase activity and expression in PC12 cells exposed to high-frequency electromagnetic fields (GSM 1.8 GHz)

Friday, 20 September

Cell Physiology

P4.1 Filippo Acconcia (Rome)
The physiological role of the estrogen receptor alpha ubiquitin binding surface in 17beta-estradiol-dependent cell proliferation and cholesterol homeostasis
P4.2 Tommaso Angelone (Arcavacata di Rende, CS)
Serpinin as a novel CgA-derived cardioprotective peptide
P4.3 Amilcare Barca (Lecce)
Dynamic interplay between genes involved in carnosine and copper metabolism under carnosine exposure in neuronal and astrocytic mammalian cells
P4.4 Pasquale Bianco (Sesto Fiorentino, FI)
Transient kinetics measured with force steps discriminate between double stranded DNA elongation and melting and define the reaction energetics
P4.5 Leonardo Bocchi (Parma)
Cardiac effects of acute exposure to titanium dioxide nanoparticles: electrophysiological characterization
P4.6 Gerardo Bosco (Padua)
Effect of hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBO) and gemcitabine on apoptosis in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma cells
P4.7 Luigi Bubacco (Padua)
N-ethylmaleimide sensitive fusion protein (NSF) complex formation and its biological regulation: implication for synaptic vesicle exocytosis
P4.8 Francesca Cacciani (Parma)
Spontaneous beating of guinea pig sinoatrial cells under pharmacolgical modulation of two different pacemaker mechanisms
P4.9 Elena Candelotti (Rome)
Cross-talk between thyroid hormone and IGF-1 in THP-1 monocytes is mediated by integrin αvβ3
P4.10 Michela Castagna (Milan)
Threonine 67 as a molecular hinge for the coupling mechanism  in the NSS amino acid transporter KAAT1
P4.11 Simona Damiano (Naples)
Epidermal growth factor induces MUC3A and MUC5AC  mucin expression via dual oxidase-2 dependent reactive oxygen species production  in human enterocyte-like cells
P4.12 Stefania Fulle (Chieti)
Does apoptosis affect the muscle regeneration in human aged satellite cells?
P4.13 Adriana Graziano (Catania)
Role of connexin 43 in the apoptosis induced by psychosine in mouse oligodendrocyte precursors
P4.14 Vincenzo Lionetti (Pisa)
Prosurvival communication between endothelial cells and mesenchymal stem cells through exosomes containing HIF1-alpha
P4.15 Debora Lo Furno (Catania)
Influence of conditioned medium from neuroblastoma B104 or olfactory ensheathing cells in the differentiation of human adipose stem cells into neural phenotype
P4.16 Maria Mariggiò (Chieti)
Role of GAP-43 in myogenesis: the model of myogenic satellite cells from GAP-43 knockout mice
P4.17 Maria Grazia Mola (Bari)
Contribution of aquaporins and TRPV4 to astrocyte cell volume regulation 
P4.18 Maria Teresa Nuzzo (Rome)
Estrogen receptor subtypes are differently requested for E2-neuroprotective effects
P4.19 Valentina Pallottini (Rome)
Deregulation of cholesterol biosynthetic pathway in Rett syndrome
P4.20 Maria Pascale (Fisciano, SA)
Response of cardiac muscle cells to stressful stimuli: BAG3 protein modulation
P4.21 Claudia Penna (Orbassano)
Cardioprotection by ischemic (I-PostC) and pharmacological postconditioning (P-PostC) involve S-nitrosylation (SNO) of mitochondrial proteins: role of RISK and SAFE pathways
P4.22 Carla Perego (Milan)
The glutamate signalling in islet of Langerhans: molecular mechanisms of modulation
P4.23 Proto Pippia (Sassari)
MASER-12 suborbital space flight mission: effects of altered gravity on signal transduction in primary human T lymphocytes
P4.24 Elisa Ren (Trieste)
Adenosine receptors modulate the autocrine nAChR-driven [Ca2+]i spiking activity of in vitro contracting myotubes
P4.25 Vittorio Ricci (Pavia)
Seeing is believing: evidence of a novel cytoplasmic structure containing functional proteasome and inducible by cytokines/trophic factors
P4.26 Stefania Rosito (Bari)
Involvement of Aquaporin-4 in modulation of glucose transport and glycogen content in fast-twitch muscles in a Calcium-dependent pathway
P4.27 Giulio Sancini (Monza)
Solid Lipid Nanoparticles: a strategy to overcome the blood-brain barrier
P4.28 Monia Savi (Parma)
Effects of acute exposure to titanium dioxide (TiO2) nanoparticles on ventricular cardiomyocytes: mechanical and cytotoxic characterization
P4.29 Trifone Schettino (Lecce)
Preliminary study of gene expression of TJP1, CLDN2 and MYO9B in patients with Systemic Nickel Allergy Syndrome (SNAS)
P4.30 Pierangela Totta (Rome)
A role for the ubiquitin-activating enzyme in 17β-estradiol-induced cell proliferation, migration and cholesterol homeostasis
P4.31 Emanuela Urso (Lecce)
Insights into the mechanisms underlying copper absorption in human endothelial cells
P4.32 Barbara Pavan (Ferrara)
Epithelial barrier impairment in HRPE cells is prevented by Goji berry extracts: cAMP as a potential trigger molecule

Physiology of Motor Systems and Exercise

P5.1 Antonio Cevese (Verona)
Effects of whole body oscillations on cardiovascular variables and spontaneous variability
P5.2 Barbara Colombini (Florence)
Crossbridge properties during fatigue and recovery in mammalian intact skeletal muscle fibres at physiological temperature
P5.3 Maristella Gussoni (Segrate, MI)
A quantitative method to monitor short and long-term Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) production kinetics in humans by Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR)
P5.4 Fiorenzo Moscatelli (Foggia)
Excitability of primary motor cortex in karate athletes: a transcranial magnetic stimulation study
P5.5 Vincenzo Perciavalle (Catania)
Blood lactate levels and visual evoked potentials
P5.6 Gabriella Piazzesi (Sesto Fiorentino, FI)
Temperature dependence of myosin filament structure in  muscle and in skinned fibres from mammals
P5.7 Stefano Sartini (Urbino)
Motor activity and muscle re-innervation: the influence of different patterns of exercise
P5.8 Marina Sciancalepore (Trieste)
“Noisy”-patterned extracellular electrical stimuli facilitate muscle cell contractions in vitro

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